The best way to know the self is feeling oneself at the moments of reckoning. The feeling of being alone, just with your senses, may lead you to think more consciously. More and more of such moments may sensitize ‘you towards you’, towards others. We become regular with introspection and retrospection. We get ‘the’ gradual connect to the higher self we may name Spirituality or God or just a Humane Conscious. We tend to get a rhythm again in life. We need to learn the art of being lonely in crowd while being part of the crowd. A multitude of loneliness in mosaic of relations! One needs to feel it severally, with conscience, before making it a way of life. One needs to live several such lonely moments. One needs to live severallyalone.

Thursday 20 February 2014


So, Telangana is finally in. Hopefully, the process to carve it out on the ground will not be shameful as its legislative part has been. Democracy was subverted, both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha while presenting, discussing and passing the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill.

The ruckus in the Lok Sabha followed its course in the Rajya Sabha. The live broadcast of the Lok Sabha was blacked out when it came to passing the Bill but the whole nation saw what happened in Rajya Sabha. The soul of democracy was killed once again in the Lok Sabha. Its identity was once again humiliated in the Rajya Sabha.

How can these elected members representing the top-most legislative body of the country behave so irresponsibly and insensibly while passing a bill that will affect lives of millions of people spread across a large geographical area?

But then, our politicians have been like this, more so in the recent history.

Anyway, India’s 29th state is finally created. On paper, it was accomplished today.

People of Seemandhra should understand that it is irreversible now. In fact, it has been like this since 2011. Yet a whole region was thrown into chaos by a political leadership that had earlier given its assent for a separate Telangana. Those protesting today, they all had supported it in the past. And they are trying all to keep the fire burning, to exploit the every possible chance to earn the electoral mileage in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

And all at the cost of common man, his life, his routine to survive the every passing day!

People of Seemandhra should understand the intent of their politicians and start looking at a life with a friendly neighbourhood state in Telangana on their side that is going to share the state capital Hyderabad with Seemandhra for 10 years.

There is absolutely no merit in disrupting the flow of life by organizing bandhs and protests in the Seemnadhra districts. Whom will it affect? The Seemandhra people only.

Obviously, going by the populist sentiment of the masses over the issue, there would be anti-Telangana feelings but it is not going to be beyond personal opinionating after a point of time. Yes, politicians can instigate the mob-sentiment over it and that is what they are trying to do.  

If there has to be some grudge, it has to be against the politicians of the united Andhra Pradesh and the Union Government. Telangana had to come, but the process and timing has been decisively ill-thought.

Can vandalism in Seemandhra address the creation of Telangana now? Never. It will affect the Seemandhra people only, putting their lives in unnecessary peril.

Now that Telangana is in, taking it constructively should be the way forward with a hope that the process will be free of the shameless bravado of the Indian Parliament in passing the Telangana Bill. 

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -