The best way to know the self is feeling oneself at the moments of reckoning. The feeling of being alone, just with your senses, may lead you to think more consciously. More and more of such moments may sensitize ‘you towards you’, towards others. We become regular with introspection and retrospection. We get ‘the’ gradual connect to the higher self we may name Spirituality or God or just a Humane Conscious. We tend to get a rhythm again in life. We need to learn the art of being lonely in crowd while being part of the crowd. A multitude of loneliness in mosaic of relations! One needs to feel it severally, with conscience, before making it a way of life. One needs to live several such lonely moments. One needs to live severallyalone.

Monday, 10 December 2012


Reading is always a must for it helps in making your worldview or assists you in having a better experience of your immediate surroundings.

Not only this, it supplements to your higher mental faculties when you are someone who is on the lookout to identify if your thoughts  have been takers or if your thoughts are going to find takers or if you need to stick to your line.

It is true most of the reading is basically time-pass stuff. Vast availability of the popular literature in almost of the vernacular and global languages tells us this.

But there are many who read to get enlightened; to get enriched. And thankfully, there is no dearth of the quality literature for every bent of mind.

Such reading is the best quality bet one can have in life. But it comes with an inherent problem.

A good quality literature is a powerful thought agent and most of the time, if the reader is not cautious, ends up effecting disproportionate mixing into the thoughts of the reader which he seldom realizes.

It is not always good. It is not always bad. The shades are grey mostly where it is almost futile to discuss and sift the good from the bad.

It may have both, creating or manipulating, effects.

When it aids the reader creatively and if the reader is into the creative business of any sort, he ends up giving us a better creation.

When the powerful thoughts of a quality literary work manipulate the thoughts of the reader, it ends up in ruining the possibility of a genuine work, even if the reader didn’t intend so. We miss the chance of a path-breaking creation thus and it is a very common occurrence rarely felt.

For the majority lot of the conscious readers, who are not into any creative flow, these powerful thoughts end up in affecting the viewpoints, even replacing the prevailing though-process of the reader. The revolutionary literature is its best example.

It is for both, good and bad; reasoned and unreasoned. This dual aspect is clear enough to eliminate any point of debate on the issue.

Most of us try to look to write a body of work initially. Some continue maintaining it creating a work or two in their lifetime as the tribute to their existence.

Some do it regularly. A reader of this class should always try to remain minimally subjective while reading a quality literature.

He needs to assimilate the work in context of his own thought process. He should validate the thought-provoking elements of the work on the scale of his own thoughts. He should see that he is not getting manipulated by the thoughts of the work he is so fondly having.

To think better, to write better, to create better, one needs to experience more and more. And consistent reading of quality literature is as potent in it as traveling far and wide or watching quality world cinema.

If you can maintain a minimally subjective approach to your reading, you can manage the participative experience to your advantage thus communicating with the creator in you on clearer and novel thought-lines. 

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -