The best way to know the self is feeling oneself at the moments of reckoning. The feeling of being alone, just with your senses, may lead you to think more consciously. More and more of such moments may sensitize ‘you towards you’, towards others. We become regular with introspection and retrospection. We get ‘the’ gradual connect to the higher self we may name Spirituality or God or just a Humane Conscious. We tend to get a rhythm again in life. We need to learn the art of being lonely in crowd while being part of the crowd. A multitude of loneliness in mosaic of relations! One needs to feel it severally, with conscience, before making it a way of life. One needs to live several such lonely moments. One needs to live severallyalone.

Friday, 19 October 2012


Yesterday, during a debate on NDTV, the senior lawyer Majid Memon thrashed the activist crusaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Y P Singh saying they were creating an atmosphere as if everything about India was going wrong painting an absolutely negative picture of a nation where there was much good to talk about.

It is true there isn’t an absolute gloom like situation in India as of now and one living example to that is the one-after-the-other expose happening these days putting in the dock even the powerful politicians like Salman Khurshid or the members of Gandhi or Pawar families.

But the acidic truths is we, as a country, are in real and present danger of sliding into an absolute gloom if the corruption that started growing faster than the Indian economy since the 1991 economic liberalization becomes precursor to an anarchy.

What looks like an anarchy on the surface at the moment with consistent scam-based headlines in the media and an audaciously insensitive breed of politicians and policy-drafters might well become anarchy of lethal dimensions if what is happening keeps on happening.

The country is generating wealth is a well established truth. But when most of it is going into creating big-ticket scams running into billions of dollars, not reaching to the ‘aam aadmi’, the disparity and the dissatisfaction are bound to go up.

The irony of the India of the day is the people who are supposed to make India a developed nation are involved in the shameless act of looting the resources meant for it. The proportion of corrupt politicians and officials has already reached to the tipping point of tolerance.

Even more ironical is the fact that the people who were thought to be the crusaders to rip into the rotten kingdom of such ‘politicians + officials’ nexus are themselves embroiled in controversies of intent and probity as their acts, too, are looking to follow a chart of vested interests.

We never saw the demeanor of a committed and impartial social activist in Arvind Kejriwal, one of the most-in-news these days. The way he used Anna Hazare, the way he used media, the way he is using media, the way the anti-corruption movement people like Prashant Bhushan, Mayank Gandhi, Anjali Damania and many others are facing questions of probity in their deeds, it all gives the politicians and officials a favoured pitch to run amok as their only vocal opposition is fast losing ground.

This all is making the disorder go wider where whoever is at the helm of the affairs, be in politics or in administration, gains the power to manipulate the system in order to continue with the unabashed loot. The ‘political code of trust’ as elaborated by Digvijay Singh recently only adds to the whammy of the Indian who was thought to be the main focus of the world’s largest written Constitution.

As a natural consequence to all this, the insensitivity of all the types who are supposed to lead the nation and who are in the fray presently, is bound to grow and perpetuate.

A natural consequence to such a situation would be the masses getting up in protests. We saw a glimpse of it the last year but that just proved a flicker.

That tells we have not yet reached the tipping point.

Given the way things are happening, we are bound to reach that. Small town and rural India is still destitute. Hunger, illiteracy and malnourishment are still the realities of the modern India. Reds are back in action. Andhra Pradesh is witnessing resurgence of child marriages almost after two decades.

This all says we are moving but the orientation is not directed yet.

Disorder has an inherent tendency to push the Order from the periphery to the centre. That is how the wheels of civilizations and revolutions move. We need to believe that the Elements of the Order are moving towards the centre.

Multiplying affluence of the class ruling us and the diminishing prospects of the class being ruled is bound to speed up the movement of the Elements of Order. 

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey -